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Day 1 After leaving from Hatay Airport, we go to Antakya. Our first destination is the Hatay Archeology Museum. Then, we go to these places respectively: Habib-i Neccar Mosque, the Catholic Church, the Protestant Church, .the Orthodox Church and the Synagogue. After visiting, we take a break and have a lunch. After having luch, we set out Harbiye( has a mythological love story between Daphne and Apollon ). When we fulfill Harbiye Waterfalls visitng, we have free time to buy some natural soaps. At last, we have a diner(including local food) and then go to hotel for accommodate.

Day 2 After having breakfast at the hotel, we go to Vakıflı village which is only Armenian village of Turkey and see the Armenian Church. Furthermore you can buy jams and liqueur at the village which stands out with organic farming. After that, we continue visiting with Çevlik Coast that Asi River is spilling, St. Simon Monastery which people from all over the Christian world visit, Seleucia Pieria Antic City which is a port city opening to  Mediterranean in Antique Period, Titus-Vespasianus Tunnel which is 1300 meter and the last Beşikli Cave. After the visitng, we have lunch made up local food. We continue visiting with Saint Pierre Church which is one of the oldest churchs in the Christian history. Finally, we set out for Gaziantep. When we arrive Gaziantep, we go to hotel we stay at night.

Day 3 Our first destination in Gaziantep is Antep Fortress which witnesses the history and was used to observe by Romans. Then, we go to see some of cultural places; the Hamam Museum, historic Bazaar, the Gastronomy Museum and Tahmis Coffee. So, we can have lunch. The last stop in Gaziantep is the Gaziantep Zeugma Museum which is one of the two largest museum in the world.  Now we can go to Halfeti that has been left under water of Atatürk Dam and is known with Black Rose. As soon as we get Halfeti, we move to a hotel which we accommodate at night in Halfeti.

Day 4 First, we take a boat tour in Halfeti. Then, we leave Halfeti for the next stop Adıyaman. After we have lunch in Adıyaman city center, we climb to Nemrut Mountain on which lots of tombs and monuments were built during Commagene Kingdom. At last, we watch the sunset with wine. The next stop is Şanlıurfa that is one of the most precious cities of the country and has some of cultural places. We move to a hotel which we accommodate at night while arriving Şanlıurfa.

Day 5 After having brekfast, we depart the hotel and visit UNESCO World Heritage Göbeklitepe which is known as the oldest temple of the world and has changed the entire history writing beggining to end. After spending time under a magical atmosphere, we go back to city center and go to see historic Urfa Bazaars, historic Gümrük Inn and Balıklıgöl which has been believed to be sacred by Muslims. Then, we go to the restaurant to have lunch which made up local food. We continue visiting with the Şanlıurfa Archeology Museum and the Haleplibahçe Mosaic Museum. After visiting the museums, we return to the hotel and take a break and then attend traditional Urfa night programme. Finally, we return to the hotel to stay at night.

Day 6 After having breakfast at hotel, we set out for the next stop Mardin which is known the capital of religions and languages. At first, we visit Kırklar Church, Kasımiye Madrasah, Dara Antique City, Şehidiye Mosque and Eski Ptt Binası.Then we take a break and have lunch. After having lunch, we continue visiting with Abbaralar and Dayrülzafaran Monastery. Next on the tour is Diyarbakır which is one of the nicest cities of the region. We go to a hotel to accommodate at night while arriving Diyarbakır.

Day 7 Our first stop on the last day is Diyarbakır City Walls  which carry the traces of the history on. The second stop on the day is Ulu Mosque which is known the fifth Harem-i Şerif ( Temple Mount). Next on the tour is the Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum which was used as house of a very famous Turkish poet once. After the all visiting, we can have lunch. The last stop on the tour is Hevsel Garden and On Gözlü Bridge. 

Nasıl Yararlanırım


·         Accomodation(3/4 stars)

·         Halfeti Boat Tour

·         The traditional Urfa Night programme with dinner

·         Treat in the transfer cars

·         Professional Guide Service



·         Charge of museums and historical sites

·         Lunch

·         Personal expenses


                                                                                                                              PRİCE: 1790 TL

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